The Poly Perspective

I’m constantly interested in how being poly makes me see everything differently. From the plot lines of TV shows and movies, to observing people at the opera, the light of poly makes you notice things you otherwise wouldn’t have. As an example, think about how differently poly versus non-poly people will take the meaning of this comic strip:


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2 Responses to The Poly Perspective

  1. Suspence says:

    I was just saying this to a friend the other day. Every time I see a romantic comedy or sitcom, all of the plot turns are based around jealousies and insecurities and a need to mark off territory. And I keep thinking: “You know, this would be a lot easier if everyone could just admit they are capable and likely to be attracted to more than one person.” It seems like everyone is being willfully obtuse. I just can’t see why they can’t see it.

  2. DrakkenZero says:

    If it helps, I’m also a webcomic artist (as well as a new member to your group), and will be chronicling my and my wife’s occasional polyamorous adventures via my comic. So far, the most overt mention I’ve done was here – – but there’s gonna be more as we go along.

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