Tag, I’m out… 1 down, probably hundreds to go…

So, we had the formal pictures taken, and a couple of them were shared with us on facebook.  I was tagged as Orange YaGlad, and my sister caught them in her feed, noting the “Couples/Engagement” grouping the photographer used.

She texted me, though I didn’t ask how long it took her to gather the drive to do so.  She didn’t want to hurt me, or make me angry, but she questioned why I was in a Couple shot with my PH, when I’m married to DH.  Her initial thought was that DH and I aren’t so happily married and that a huge change was about to happen.

I calmed her worries and told her that in the time since embracing polyamory, my Domestic Husband and I have grown closer, learning how to establish our needs and wants more fully, in order to be better partners, better parents, hell, better people.

She has met Paramour Husband  in the past, and I thought she must have picked up on something.  She tells me she figured it was a close friendship, but that a full relationship hadn’t crossed her mind.  I told her that I had been with both PH and DH for over 18 months, and that I am happier than I have ever been.  I feel as though I am the luckiest woman alive, to have two primary partners who are willing and open to making me the most loved woman alive.

I told her that polyamory is my nature, but that I don’t believe it is necessarily everyone’s nature.  Monogamy works fine for some people, and I wish them all the happiness in the world.  I am capable of loving more, and I am learning to receive more.

So, it was a nerve-wracking conversation for the first minute.  After being told that I am honest and upfront about my relationships with my partners, she said all that mattered was that I was obviously more happy than she could ever remember me being.

And she’s right.  That should be all that matters.  We’ll see how long I can hold on to that.

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30-something female, intent on living life.
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4 Responses to Tag, I’m out… 1 down, probably hundreds to go…

  1. jacq says:

    congrats again. How awesome that your sister cares so much about your happiness.

  2. BigMamaL says:

    Congrats! My step-mom-in-law has the same view for her step-son and myself.

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