Chalica – Day One

I attend a Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  While my fellowship does not specifically celebrate the winter holiday of Chalica, I believe it is a good way to focus on what the principles of organization are, what I should strive to remember each and every day, and it is a good way to celebrate life in general this winter season.

The fist day of Chalica was yesterday, so I’m a day behind on my blogging.  Here goes!

Day One: The inherent worth and dignity of every individual.  

This is a biggie, no matter what your beliefs are, no matter your age.  Children need to be taught that everyone deserves respect and kindness and that everyone has a right to their own opinion.  Religions need to cross boundaries, be they physical or dogmatic, in order to bring more peace to the world.

This is also a biggie in terms of relationship structures… no matter the structure your particular relationship takes.

I identify as polyamorous, and I know my heart has the capacity to love more than one adult… but just because my loves may number more than one, I need to remember that everyone else has the same right to choose their own relationship structures… I also need to remember that a metamour who is thirteen steps away from me in a relationship string has feelings and may be affected by my actions, words, or inactions. 

Each individual in a relationship, no matter the structure, must be respected as an individual, given worth in what he or she can bring to the family’s table, and be trusted to protect his or her own value.

Sometimes, that value means that the person has to leave a relationship, and I need to learn to hold onto respect for that choice.

There are a lot of thoughts within this blog post… please excuse the scatteredbrainness of it, I am hoping to pull pieces of these together in the coming months to make a true thematic statement about the benefit of spiritual openness in an open relationship.

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