Mission Statements – The When

From Questions to Answer: When am I available for developing new relationships?  Am I looking for a one-night a month relationship?  Once a week?  Once a year? When will I re-evaluate the answers to all of the questions I have asked myself, to determine if my answers still stand?

I do not believe that I am available for developing new relationships at this time, but I also understand that relationships have a tendency to occur at times I am least prepared for them.  To that end, my current status is set to “Seeing Someone” on my profile on OKCupid, and I am quite clear that I identify as polyamorous though I am not currently seeking additional partners.  (Check me out here, if you are interested in learning more about me, of if you would like to give me pointers on how I present myself to the public on an internet dating site.  I can’t promise I’ll listen ;))

Once I have my own head on straight, I believe my first priority will be to look for a casual relationship, as I am hopeful that one will be easier to fulfill than a live-in partner who will mesh well with my partner and our TPE relationship.  I would love to have a once-a-month date night, filled with NRE and passion.  Perhaps it will change to something more meaningful, but having fun is a need, too, even if it isn’t high on Maslow’s hierarchy.

Beyond that, and not necessarily in a romantic context, I am also interested in pursuing a writing community, so that my creative needs will feel fulfilled.  I am working on that one currently, and have a couple of short story ideas working in my brain to get into a text file for their review.

I plan to revisit my goals and needs on a quarterly basis in 2014.  I will decide in December of 2014 if I need to revisit them on a different schedule in 2015.

About SoManyHandles

30-something female, intent on living life.
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