Mission Statements – The Where

From Questions to AnswerWhere am I willing to look for potential partners?  Am I willing to look in the kink scene?  Local?  Long-distance penpals? Where will I want my focus to be? 

For me, this answer is perhaps the easiest.  My dream of a live-in relationship must be knowledgeable of and willing to live with a TPE dynamic between my current partner and me.  A preference would be that she would be willing to enter into a similar negotiation.  That likely means looking toward other non-traditional communities.

My more casual relationships would be preferential if local, as that would help me to have my needs met more regularly.  I’ve had wonderful experiences with OKCupid, and I will keep my profile up indefinitely, even though I am quite clear that I am not actively seeking new partners at this time.

A writing partner could certainly work long-distance, though I love in-person writing sessions and review processes.  This is perhaps the hardest need for me to answer about.  I have plenty of friends who are interested in writing, but getting a writing group off the ground has been difficult for me.  I am excited about a possibility in 2014 for a new writing project.

At this point, though, as I am defining my wants, my needs, and my deal-breakers, I am willing to keep my eyes and heart open to anything that comes my way.  I am not actively pursuing relationships, though I will not deny a potential relationship from blossoming if all feels good and healthy.

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30-something female, intent on living life.
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