Review of “Spiritual Polyamory”

Spiritual Polyamory by Mystic Life

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate this book, to read it with an open mind and to think about the ways in which you live your life. There are plenty of moments which caused me to stop and focus on the words, to ensure I understood what the author was saying.  With that said, in my opinion, there would have been far easier ways to say some of the parts of the message.  There are also ways that the messages could have been shared without completely disregarding monogamy as the right choice for some people.

Yes, I was able to take some of this book and re-examine the way I live my own life. I need to spend more of my focus on the present moment and stop concentrating on what was or what will be.   I need to ensure that I am whole before bringing anyone else into the folds of my life, as no one should be burdened with a responsibility that I can’t take on myself.   I need to remember that polyamory is a structure that makes sense to me and my heart, and that I have the right and responsibility to make such a decision for myself.

But there were pieces of this book that felt like little more than slams to other ways of choosing to live a life.  To me, I don’t necessarily believe that no-strings polyamory is the only relationship structure that makes sense. I don’t look at people living in monogamy as loving “ineffectively.”  (“Ineffective love strategies are required until they are fully understood by the individual gaining these lessons.”)

This book felt very much like it was pieced together with tweets and blog posts, and while I can find value in that kind of writing, I would have also appreciated ways toward gaining some of the wisdom that would come naturally to all of the enlightened polyamorists in this world.  What questions do I need to ask myself when jealousy hits hard in order to find peace with the relationships I am in?  How can I move beyond society’s definition of a perfect relationship rather than just being careful of what media I expose myself to?

All in all, this was a welcome book to read, though it would NOT be a book I give to a person exploring what it might mean to be polyamorous, who was not already confident of their decision to align with polyamory as their relationship structure.

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