Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

So, my new goal is to transform me into the right beholder.  I need to accept who I am and learn to love myself for being me.

In this vein, I am going to piggyback on an idea I got from a dear woman, who is learning a lot about herself and finding ways to grow stronger every day.  She will be starting a project to take a picture of herself every day for a year… not necessarily a full body shot, not necessarily a face picture, not necessarily anything that anyone else could identify as her… a wrist, an elbow, a knee…  Learning to appreciate our whole selves.

We both want to learn to take better care of ourselves, too. While I am not one who will do well with stepping on a scale on a regular basis, I want my jeans to fit better (preferably the ones in the back of my closet), and I want more energy.  This will mean that I need to supply my body with food that is best suited to longer bouts of energy (rather than the oh-so-tasty-and sugary food that I tend to gravitate toward), supply it more frequently, and train my body to keep up with the rest of my life better by getting more exercise.

Personal goals are a challenge for me.  I generally need an outside influence to feel that my dedication to a project is worthwhile.  A mentor, a community, a friend… so I’ll also be looking into a project known as BreakFree, which has a Dayton chapter starting soon.

About SoManyHandles

30-something female, intent on living life.
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